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Frieda B. The Whole Child for schools (both Author Visits and Educator Support) is built on the premise of Purpose Before Performance™. Using the example of key character Frieda B., “the world’s biggest dreamer”, we strive to inspire and validate the free-to-be story within each child.  Our goal is to help identify and ignite a child’s innate gifts and interests – intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually – thereby uncovering the wiring to her own unique story. This helps a child to believe that, just like Frieda B., there’s a unique place in this world just for her. A personal purpose. And purpose provides relevance for learning and academic success.

Building on that foundation, we next help a child on the path of genuinely encouraging and supporting the stories of others. This now comes more easily because the child understands others don’t pose a threat to him. There is no competition. Everyone’s story matters in a unique way. Using the characters and lessons in the Frieda B. series of books, we build an open platform for exploring and applying social-emotional skills such as cooperation, conflict resolution, putting others first, problem-solving and empathy… and for helping a child realize that when he supports the stories of others, he supports his own.

Within our Educator Support work, we apply the same whole child approach to the educator, understanding that the unique story of every staff member of the school is significant in cultivating the personal and corporate success of that school.

At the end of the day, through work with tens of thousands of children in schools, we’ve come to know that life and learning matter to a child when the child believes she matters. FBTWC, then, is designed to complement your existing SEL and ELA initiatives, while helping each person in your school believe he or she matters. Now that’s a beautiful story.

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“I’ve never left a PD with tears in my eyes and a new outlook on myself.”

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Educator Support Base Package

1. Foundational session with author Renata Bowers – up to Three Hours:

  • Overview of the Frieda B. The Whole Child (FBTWC) approach… significance of validating the unique and important story of each child and staff member;
  • Why and how FBTWC encourages better student autonomy, performance and participation;
  • Why and how FBTWC supports the school’s existing SEL- and ELA-based initiatives;
  • SEL- and ELA-application of Frieda B. Herself;
  • SEL- and ELA-application of one additional Frieda B. book (school’s choice);
  • Collaboration time to apply FBTWC to specific challenges/opportunities.

 2. FBTWC Toolkit:

  • Set of 5 Frieda B. books for the school library, signed by Renata
  • A 12-month subscription to FBTWC instructional videos
  • A bound set of printed supportive teaching materials
  • Electronic reproducible files for 3 Frieda B. hands-on activities
  • Electronic reproducible Certificate of Completion for participants

3. Discounts (available for 12 months from the date of the foundational session):

  • 47% discount on additional Frieda B. books purchased for the school ($8 instead of $15)
  • 20% discount on books purchased by students and teachers when ordered through the school ($12 instead of $15)
  • 10% discount on any additional author visits/sessions ($270/hr. instead of $300)

BASE PACKAGE: $1,400 + applicable travel costs and taxes*


Individual Educator Support Sessions

Explore a Frieda B. Book.

Dig into the SEL- and ELA-application of one Frieda B. book.

One Hour per Book: $300 + applicable travel costs and taxes*


Author Visit Sessions with Students.

Renata shares her books, their messaging, and a fun interactive demonstration with students in large assembly format, or smaller classroom setting. (For full details on Author Visits, visit

One Hour/Session: $300 + applicable travel costs and taxes*



Teachers collaborate with Renata and each other, brainstorming and building upon FBTWC approaches to try/apply with their students.

One Hour: $300 + applicable travel costs and taxes*


Story Cover Activity.

What does the cover of a book tell us about the story inside? Using this approach, teachers create a cover to provide a glimpse into their own free-to-be story. They then take this activity back with them, sharing their covers with their students, and teaching their students to make their own covers. Completed covers displayed side-by-side are a beautiful depiction of just how unique and important each person’s story really is. Click here to view pictures of completed Story Covers.

One Hour: $300 + applicable travel costs and taxes*


Family/Community Celebration.

Renata works with the school to create a fun and interactive event for families or the community at large, presenting the FBTWC approach and the work that has been initiated in the school.

Varies: $300/hour + applicable travel costs and taxes*


*Prices include up to a total of 60 driving miles from/to Somers, CT.  Additional miles will be charged based on the current IRS mileage reimbursement rate.  For visits that require another form of travel and/or lodging, we’ll work with you personally to determine the appropriate logistics and fee.  Private schools may be subject to sales tax.  Public schools can provide tax exempt status to avoid being charged sales tax.


To schedule or inquire: 860.763.0330 or


“When a child has empathy and appreciation for others,
when she knows her worth and can see a unique purpose for herself in this world,
the world opens up to her…
she sees a reason for being, for dreaming, for participating.”
~ Renata Bowers, Frieda B. author