Frieda B. The Whole Child

Every child’s story deserves to be realized… intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Every child – each and every one – is precious, with a unique wiring and potential no one else in all time can duplicate.

Think about that.

Take a moment to let your mind rest on just one child.  Just one.  Picture him or her in your mind.  Now consider this truth: that child – via his own unique combination of gifts, interests and experiences (way more than just intellectual)  can do something in this world no one else can do. But what happens if he doesn’t know that or believe it to be true?  What if he goes through his elementary, middle school, high school, adult years not truly being seen for or believing in his worth?  Is his story realized, told?  And if not, who misses out?  Everyone.  His story is a gift to the world.  It needs to be told.

This is the basis of the work we do via Frieda B. The Whole Child (FBTWC). Using the imaginative stories and social-emotional lessons within the Frieda B. series of picture books, we’ve created resources for families and schools to help encourage the whole multi-faceted story within each child – and adult. Research (and common sense) substantiates that a child who understands and believes she has a unique and important worth will more readily and successfully engage in the world around her. Additionally, she more readily can embrace and support the stories of others.  Win-Win!


There are a number of FBTWC resources available to you:

Free Book Guides. For each Frieda B. book, Renata has written a guideline of talking points she’s developed while reading her books to children, designed to encourage fun and meaningful discussions. Access them here:

Free Online Resources. Browse around our site – especially within the For Grown-Ups and Kids sections. There’s information and activities tucked throughout.

Parent/Caregiver Events. Want to learn more about your child’s story?  How about your story? (It’s incredibly important, too.) Renata would love to tailor a presentation or workshop specifically for your group. For more details, visit 


With and for educators, we have developed a comprehensive FBTWC Author Visits & Educator Support Program, to complement a school’s existing SEL and ELA initiatives. Options for schools include the following:

Author Visits for students, with Renata. Learn all about these at

An FBTWC Toolkit, neatly bundling everything you need to successfully bring this ELA/SEL Whole Child initiative into your school: an Educator Handbook, Guide for self-led PD, an ELA/SEL Lesson Plan for each Frieda B. book, teaching aids, printable activities, 15 Educational Videos, electronic files for all content, and more. Click here for full details and pricing.

In-person Educator Support Sessions with Renata.  Go to for all the details.

Grab your coffee & watch our 5-minute FBTWC Video!:

And see what educators are saying about FBTWC: