At Frieda B., we consider ourselves blessed

to partner with other people and organizations

who share a vision of helping children realize their worth.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.25.54 PM We are filled to the brim with gratitude for our national partnership with American Heritage Girls.  Their emphasis on character building, identity, purpose and service are a natural complement to all we do here at Frieda B.

To-date we have created and launched 4 programs for AHG, based on the Frieda B. books:  Free to B. a Blessing (Frieda B. Herself); Free to B. True (Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon); Free to B. a Kindness Ambassador (Frieda B. and the Zillabeast); and Free to B. a Leader (Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink). Learn more at

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We have partnered with JoAnn and Joel Bacon, who lost their 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, at Sandy Hook in December 2012, to create a sweet and meaningful bedtime story – Good Dogs, Great Listeners – that captures Charlotte’s radiant spirit and deep love for dogs.  The book was written by Renata with JoAnn and Joel Bacon, illustrated by Michael Chesworth, and released on February 22, 2015.  Learn more and order copies at

Our Gift-a-Book Program places Frieda B. books in the hands of children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.  The program promises a minimum of 400 new Frieda B. books to a chosen organization whose goals align those of Frieda B., LLC, and who can capably distribute the books to children in need.

In light of budget cuts in our home state of CT, for 2017-18 we’re devoting this program to CT school & public libraries, to thank them for the important work they do for children, and support their acquisition of new books.  

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We’re blessed to be a partner with Enchanted Makeovers – a non-profit that transforms shelters for women and children from places of striving to places of thriving (love that!). As part of this, Renata served as the keynote speaker at Enchanted Makeover’s annual She is Me Gala in August 2013. Also, Frieda B., LLC donated a book for every bed for EM’s 2015 shelter makeovers.  


Yes, you.  We thank you for being here, being interested.  For believing in the uniqueness and potential of every child.  We invite you to join us in our mission to help all children dream big and believe in their stories.   Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a caregiver, a librarian, a Troop leader, a business owner, or simply someone who loves kids a whole lot, consider how what we do can support what you do to invest in the hope of a child… Check out our JOIN US page to learn more.