Who is Frieda B.?






















Frieda B. is a young girl with bare feet and wild unruly red hair that she rarely combs (much to her mother’s daily frustration) because she’s too busy.  Playing.  Dreaming.  Adventuring. Palling around with her fuzzy comrade, Zilla, and finding herself continually wooed by a swing to swing, tree to climb or kite to fly.  Not to mention an imaginary trip to Mandoo or Away-sis.  The glory of unending options!


Childhood is, after all, much too short.  And that’s why children need a friend like Frieda; to remind them to enjoy being a kid.  It would do us parents well to remember that too.  Especially when our 8-year-old is begging for a facebook page.


BUT we digress…


Frieda B. believes beyond a doubt that she is free to be wherever, whatever she dreams she can be.  Indeed, she is the world’s biggest dreamer.  (If you don’t believe it, check out pages 4 and 5 in Frieda B. Herself.)  


Simply put, she exists to inspire the child in all of us to play a little more, dream big and bold, and never, ever stop believing we are free to be the very important one-of-a-kind story we each carry inside us.