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You are Free to B. a unique and wonderful story.

That, indeed, is the truth.

And Renata loves to share that message with audiences of all ages.

Author Visits & Educator Support. When Renata visits a school, it’s a two-for-one deal. Not only can she share her experiences as a published author, she strives to inspire students and staff alike to believe in the significance and worth of their own stories, as well as the stories of others. 

Visit the Frieda B. The Whole Child page to learn more.

Workshops.  Our hands-on workshops provide a way for everyone – from youth of all ages, teens and adults – to explore their own big dreams and stories…and go home with a keepsake reminder. Perfect for schools, libraries, clubs, youth groups, private parties and events.

Visit the Workshops page to learn more.

Presentations for Any Audience. The message of Frieda B. is a universal truth:  Each of us has an important one-of-a-kind story to tell.  Renata can take that message and apply it 100 different ways for countless audiences. Because we all need to Dream Big and Believe. Because the world needs more good stories.

Visit the Presentations for Any Audience page to learn more.