Event Reviews

“I loved the activity of helping a child find his story. I will absolutely be using it in my classroom. Your Presentation also made me think about self worth and how to build a positive self image. It made me realize how much I have damaged myself with negativity. I’ve never left a PD with tears in my eyes and a new outlook on myself. Such an eye-opening experience to share my “aha” moment with my students and my daughter. Thank you so very much for sharing this learning opportunity with our school!”

Classroom Teacher, Enfield Street School

Enfield, CT

“Many authors have good books and many have great rapport and interact well with our kids, but it seemed over the years we seldom got both!  But Renata was just awesome.  The kids and staff are still talking about her visit.” 

Michele M. Fabbro, Library Coord., Indian Creek School Dist.

Mingo Junction, OH


“All the children LOVED it. They kept coming in to the office raving and thanking me for bringing you to them. Several of the teachers were also very impressed and said that you were the best speaker/author that they had ever heard and they have seen plenty!”

MaryEllen Eaton, PTA President/Nurse, Stafford Elem School

Stafford Springs, CT


“Dearest Renata, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity for a visit from you.  I must tell you that one of our Teachers told me that she fought back tears during your presentation.  It touched her heart. You have been given a beautiful message to share!”

Terri Dipiero, Principal, Bishop Mussio Elementary School

Steubenville, OH

“I like the fact that I could be brought back to what matters the most, the whole child. School environments today focus so much on students reaching proficiency that we tend to ignore the social-emotional aspect of the students. It was a great reminder.”

Classroom Teacher, DeBerry Elementary School

Springfield, MA

“Renata, I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for the impact you had on my child. You must touch the lives of so many without even knowing it, what a special gift! Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Shayna Lenius, Parent

Watertown, WI


“Renata’s motivational speech for women had me mesmerized.  So much so that I immediately purchased her book for my granddaughter so that she may grow up with the same message. Renata welcomed me and signed my book in the midst of the crowd gathered around her table.  I wholeheartedly recommend Renata for any speaking engagements.”

Vincenza Carey, Committee Member, Wow! Women’s Forum

Torrington, CT

“Our school had author Renata Bowers for 3 presentations: Pre-K & K; 1st through 3rd; 4th through 8th. Her message was quite simple: ‘dream your dreams big and believe they can be’. She was passionate, enthusiastic, and motivating. She catered her presentation appropriately for all levels. The audience was glued. I would highly recommend her; not to mention, the book is adorable, and the illustrations by Michael Chesworth (Pippi Longstocking & Jingle the Brass) are meaningful, creative and fun!

Marie Girolamo, Librarian, Ridgefield Academy

Ridgefield, CT

Results from Frieda B. The Whole Child ES Pilot (2016-17)

During the 2016-17 school year we shared the FBTWC Educator Support Program, as a Pilot, with three elementary schools: Enfield Street School (Enfield, CT); Wolf Swamp Road School (Longmeadow, MA); and DeBerry Elementary (Springfield, MA).  These are responses to surveys that the teachers completed.  Teacher’s names were kept anonymous.

97% of teachers surveyed find FBTWC to be a valuable and important complement to classroom teaching.

“I love how it works with 20-21 students in a classroom, all at different levels of learning and emotional issues.” – Teacher, Wolf Swamp Road School

“I’m able to use the books to develop vocabulary, lead book discussions, and create relevant writing assignments.” – Teacher, DeBerry Elementary 

“Using the pictures and covers to predict what the story is about complements our Reading Workshop curriculum.” – Teacher, Enfield Street School

85% of teachers surveyed believe the FBTWC “Toolkit” of books and resources is an effective complement to the social-emotional initiatives in their schools.

“I spent 21 years teaching in private preschool and I would have loved these books for my preschoolers!!! I now teach 2, 3, and 4 grade in a social-emotional Sped class and can’t wait to read these books with my students!!! I really liked the messages within the stories and how inspirational the workshop on a whole was.” – Teacher, DeBerry Elementary

“The Frieda B. books have great central messages, kids like them, and they tie nicely into PBIS and what I am already teaching.” – Teacher, Enfield Street School

“I liked that it was a reminder and an encouragement to remember what we came into teaching to do. We often get PD around testing, test-related things and curriculum that changes with the month, year, etc…but this part of teaching will always remain true, in any subject area. We can not develop this and learn enough about the importance of social and emotional learning.” – Teacher, Wolf Swamp Road School

89% of teachers surveyed believe that incorporating their personal gifts and interests into their work with students can help make their work more meaningful and inspiring.

“I like that addressing the strengths of a teacher was addressed. I think we don’t practice this enough as a staff and find it would bring more community back to our school.” – Teacher, Wolf Swamp Road School

“It’s important to share your story with your students.” – Teacher, Enfield Street School

93% of teachers surveyed believe that the messaging of the Frieda B. The Whole Child approach can have a positive impact on staff – on the way they work together and support each other.

“I am interested in finding more opportunities to learn about my colleagues. We sometimes forget about this important part of being teachers, having time to connect on a level that is beyond just talking about school, kids and work.” – Teacher, DeBerry Elementary 

“I greatly appreciate the application to staff morale.” – Teacher, Enfield Street School

General Feedback:

“Renata is amazing to listen to. She pours her heart and soul into this program and her writing. I feel that she is genuine and truly invested in her beliefs about children. Children can relate to the stories because Frieda B. is someone they would want as a friend.” – Teacher, Enfield Street School

“I love how engaged Renata is. The purpose of this progam really shows through in its presentation and is filled with emotion and personal connections.” – Teacher, DeBerry Elementary School

“I think you can never be reminded of this message enough. I thought it was extremely refreshing to have someone come in and remind us about that. We get LOTS of PD on math, reading, writing, etc., but it feels so good to talk about what students will use the most in their lifetime: confidence, kindness, self-esteem, righting wrongs, learning from mistakes, etc.” – Teacher, Wolf Swamp Road School

“This was by far one of my favorite Personal Development days.”

– Teacher, Enfield Street School