Presentations for Any Audience

  There’s little Renata loves more than sharing the message of Frieda B. with any audience.  Because it’s ageless and applies to everyone. Truly. Each of us has a one-of-a-kind free-to-be story tucked inside, and we all need to know or nudge that, regularly. Renata takes that message and tailors it to the specific needs and interests of the audience (see “Message Focus”, right), to validate the importance and worth of those present. Both Renata and the message of Frieda B. are entirely flexible, so the beauty is that Renata can personalize a presentation in countless ways, from group size to age to setting to focus.

Group Size  Easy.  Any.  From 20 to 500+, Renata is able to engage any number of people.  It’s what she fully believes she’s wired to do (and Free to Be).

Group Age  Easy.  Any.  From preschool to 95, there isn’t an audience with whom this message doesn’t resonate.  It’s never too early or too late to believe in your dreams and story.  Renata can tailor her message to any age group.

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Group Setting  It’s hard to think of a setting where the message of Frieda B. wouldn’t be appropriate and inspiring.   Hmmm….  Nope.  Can’t think of any.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges
  • Women’s retreats, motivational events, family/children’s events
  • Parent/child, whole family, intergenerational events 
  • Libraries, summer camps, scouting events
  • Church groups, youth groups, children’s ministries
  • Corporate/business events, trainings, seminars
Message Focus As the message of Frieda B. is so wide-reaching, there’s room for Renata to weave in a wide variety of poignant topics, tailoring the message specifically for an audience and its needs.  Have a focus for your group/school/organization?  Chances are, Renata can successfully incorporate it.  An example of topics:
  • Writing/illustrating
  • Anti-bullying/character education
  • Teen/preteen self-esteem
  • Reclaiming your story: it’s never too late
  • Importance of imagination, at any age
  • Journaling: your story in real time
  • Raising a child to believe in his/her story
  • For Christian audiences: the power of the story God wrote just for you

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