Frieda B. Author, Renata Bowers

I guess it’s simplest to say that even though I’m an adult, part of me never really has grown-up. Probably the Frieda B. side of me. The part that loves to laugh, to create, to swing and imagine, and to get really excited about silly stuff.

(Speaking of swings, I had the best swing as a kid. Loved it. That’s why you see Frieda on swings a lot.)

Why did I write Frieda? Well, my really good friend, Ann, introduced me to the idea of Frieda B. years ago, and as I created Frieda, I fell in love with her. Frieda B. knows who she is, and she takes on the world by exploring what she loves.

“Dream Big and Believe”

Are there other Frieda B. books? On my computer, I have many Frieda B. stories in different stages of completion, and I’ll keep turning them into books as long as I’m able.  I consider myself very blessed to be creating a series.

Do I have a family? Yep. My husband, David, and I have two boys, Hunter (17) and Garreth (15). We live in a quiet and wonderful little town in Connecticut with our dog, Annie – who looks an awful lot like Zilla – and our cat, Millo.

Free to B. an all-American girl.

This is me when I was 5.  I haven’t changed much, although I admit I no longer own a red, white and blue star-spangled pantsuit.  But I do still like to wear hats.

Fun fact about Frieda B. Herself:

 My two boys, Hunter and Garreth, are in Frieda B. Herself. Turn to the page of Frieda flying through the city at night and you’ll see them peeking out the window.


My pets Annie and Millo.

See where Zilla came from?? 

Annie: the inspiration for Zilla.

I collect quotes. Here’s a favorite:


“Be yourself.  

Everyone else is already taken.”  

– Oscar Wilde