Book Reviews

“Frieda B. bursts on the scene with her wonderful red curls and her bold, inspiring message.  Her adventurous spirit and ‘anything is possible’ attitude reinforces how important it is for all of us to provide the most encouraging environment for children to have and nurture their dreams.  Frieda shows us that anything is possible if you just dream it.”

– Dr. Dale Atkins, Parent-Child-Family Specialist and Guest Expert on NBC’s Today Show


“Frieda B. is a fresh new champion for childhood.  I applaud Renata for creating a character that truly embraces the power and potential of a child’s imagination.”

– Hannah Storm, Host of ESPN Sports Center and President of the Hannah Storm Foundation


“This story is AMAZING, SUPERB, STUPENDOUS – I could go on!!!  We LOVE this so much.  We have read it so many times it looks like it’s many years old and we haven’t even had it a month yet.  I’ve told my library about this book and hope they buy up lots and lots of copies for the shelves.”

– Welcome to Our Wonderland Children’s Book Review


“Well worth the purchase. The book carries a great message — dream big. The illustrations are delightful. It’s so cute! Enjoy!”

– One Little Room Children’s Book Review


“Frieda B. Herself is a delightful children’s picture book that celebrates the magic of dreams. Incredibly lively, imaginative illustrations that pop off the pages add to the considerable charm and appeal of this very attractive children’s book.”

– The Midwest Book Review


“Can you get any cuter title than Frieda B. Herself? Frieda is the world’s biggest dreamer and her dreams are colorful and imaginative. [This would] be a great addition to your picture book library.”

– Melissa Taylor, Book Editor-at-Large, Colorado Parent Magazine


“Frieda B and the Finkledee Ink is, like the others, an excellent children’s picture book. The pacing is perfect, the rhyming is original and lyrical. The wording never seems forced and the illustrations convey motion and color and a lot of energy.”

– Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“Our judges loved Frieda B. and the way the books deliver great, positive messages to kids without being preachy.  The artwork is compelling and the storytelling is creative – Frieda B. is a hit!”

– Jim Barnes, Moonbeam Awards Director


“Frieda B. Herself is fantastic to say the least. It’s much better than many books I see published by the big names, so it certainly deserves a wide audience… Motion is such a difficult thing to convey through art, but it’s necessary and well done in this book. It’s a skill that separates the good illustrators from the great ones. The writing is dynamic and full of energy too. It’s lyrical but the rhyming is not forced and the word choice is not predictable. The author tells the story of a young girl with a very active imagination. Through all of this the author also manages to tell a story with good pacing, a traditional and necessary arc and a satisfying ending (which kids demand).”

– Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


“Frieda B. is the best! Uplifting and entertaining. I love reading these books and will continue to enjoy the experience as I share with others!”

– Bette Spielman, Children’s Reading Specialist


“My daughter, my mom and I are all totally in love with Frieda B. Herself. This is by far the best children’s book we’ve read. What a great message for adults, too.”

– Angela L., Steubenville, OH


“Dreams are such a special part of children’s lives – dreams during the night AND dreams while they’re awake. Frieda knows how to dream and teaches readers how thrilling it can be!”

– Genevieve Piturro
, Founder/Executive Director, Pajama Program


“Frieda’s relationship with her dog, Zilla, seems to build with each book and that’s a very nice component to the books as well. She loves to use her imagination but Zilla the dog makes sure she keeps one foot in reality at all times.” 

– Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

“I know that Frieda B. is for kids… but the books and the ideas behind them have meant so much to me in my own personal walk of life!”

– Deb R. (mom of 4), Watertown, WI