Frieda B., a Series

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Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.42.22 PMThe book that started it all in 2010… Frieda B. Herself is a picture book created to encourage children to believe that their dreams are wonderful and important, that they should follow and explore what they love to do, who they want to be – just like Frieda B.

So snuggle up with the children you love and let Frieda B.’s live-out-loud imagination inspire them to Dream Big and Believe in their own unique free-to-be story.

Story Summary: Red-headed, bare-footed Frieda B. is the world’s biggest dreamer.  With a limitless and colorful imagination, she fully believes she is free to be anyone, anywhere she dreams she can be.  But when Frieda suddenly loses her dreams one night, how will she recover?  The answer will provide inspiration and encouragement to children of all ages, to always believe in your own big dreams – and the very important, one-of-a-kind story you carry inside. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.49.28 PMReleased in 2012, Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon is a romping yet heart-warming story of adventure, new friends, and making amends. In writing this book founded on The Golden Rule, Renata aspired to show how when we believe we are Free to B. True to our very best selves, we invite (sometimes unexpected) love into our lives.

Story Summary:  What do we do when we’ve done something wrong – even innocently so?  This is the question explored in Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon.  At the outset of the story, fueled by Frieda B.’s limitless imagination, Frieda and Zilla take a trip to the moon. But when her bed crash-lands and hurts the Man in the Moon, how does she respond? How does he? Man in the Moon encourages us to see the valuable story in others and do what’s necessary to honor it.  In doing so, we honor our own. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.54.09 PMReleased in 2013, Frieda B. and the Zillabeast puts Zilla front and center in a hilarious yet poignant tale of imagination, stories, obedience, friendship and forgiveness.

Story Summary: Frieda B. loves books.  So much so that she often becomes part of them; the words spring up under her feet and the pictures and characters become a world she’s able to walk right into.  Frieda B. and the Zillabeast begins with just such an adventure.  Frieda and Zilla enter a marvelous storyworld of classic fairytales.  Yet with each turn of the page, Zilla grows bigger, bristlier, and growlier – until a hair-raising encounter with Little Red Riding Hood puts everyone on edge.  What turned him into a Zillabeast?  And what can bring him back to the sweet Zilla we all know and love?  The answers to those questions reveal a lot about the importance of putting others first… and the love we welcome in when we do. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.59.37 PMReleased in 2014, Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink encourages the reader to believe in his/her own natural gifts, abilities and dreams.

Story Summary:  When a traveling salesman comes to town selling Finkledee Ink, Frieda B. scrapes together every last penny to purchase a jar for herself. Her hope and belief is that this one jar of ink magically will make her a great writer (a deep longing she holds in her heart). But can a jar of ink truly hold the key to her dream? And if so, what happens to that dream when the jar of ink shatters? (Gasp!) Does her dream shatter, too? Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink is a story to help children of all ages heartily believe that when it comes to our dreams and our natural gifts, there’s nothing we need to buy or get. Nope. Everything is inside of us already. What we do need is dedication, perseverance, and the belief and support of others. And – more importantly – the belief in our very own selves. 


Released in 2016, Frieda B. A Great Day at the Dog Park explores judgement and compassion… how often, with a little empathy and interest, we can learn more about – and connect with – the true stories inside those around us.

Story Summary: Frieda B. and Zilla delve into imagination and adventure at the newly opened Fiddle-Dee Dog Park.  As they break for a snack, Zilla notices a boy in the distance who looks sad and lonely.  Zilla kindly approaches.  But the boy lashes out, yelling for Zilla to go away and leave him alone. Watching on, Frieda implores her parents to take action and yell at the boy who is “bad, bad, bad, bad.” In response, her dad takes her hand and opens his heart… showing Frieda and the boy – and the reader – that authentic connection, compassion and communication is the pathway to unleashing the hero in us all.