Free to B. a Community

“Up in the village of Fiddle-Dee-Dee…”


So. There’s this great thing that happens when like-minded people find a way to share ideas.  Not that you don’t already know that. But knowing that, we wanted to create a place where we – as a community of folks who believe in the unique worth of all children – can share resources that support that belief.

To that end, steps we’ve taken in this endeavor are our Facebook page and the Frieda B. Fridge. Kind of like a virtual Fiddle-Dee-Dee, these Frieda B. community posts provide a place to take and share ideas and resources related to children, dreaming and the power of story.

So please – peruse and post.  Feel Frieda share.  (sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.)

Free to B. a Community. Exciting.