Okay.  So.  One of the (many) awesome things about being a kid is PLAY.

Play is good. Play is fun.  We at Frieda B. wholeheartedly support any wholesome form of play-ing.

To that end, we’ll continue to put together – right here – a super assortment of games, activities and resources that inspire a healthy dose of play and imagination.  And if that leads to a gut-busting giggle-fest for you and your family & friends, well, all the better.

Do you have a game or two to share? Email it to us (with your mom’s or dad’s permission) at  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll find its way right. to. this. page(!).  Wouldn’t that be something??  Now go – grab a friend or two and try these out!

Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Activity.  A pillow is a sweet place for sweet dreams. And this special Frieda B. pillowcase is a blank slate created to hold the dreams of the child(ren) you love. Of any age. Did someone say slumber party? Birthday party? “I’m bored”? Get out the fabric paint and get ready for fun. Click here for full instructions. 

Who can resist our FBT Tins Activity?? These easy and inexpensive tins make a meaningful keepsake. Carefully choose words that best describe your unique combination of qualities, then place those words in your tin.  As the inside label says, “May the words in this tin help remind me of the person and friend I most want to be.” Love. Labels sold in our online store. Click here for full instructions.

Going on an Adventure? Take Zilla with you!

“Make and Take Zilla” Instructions & Template

Frieda B. never goes anywhere without Zilla.  He is by her side on every adventure – real and imaginary – and is a wonderful example of what it means to be a good and loyal friend.

Now you can bring Zilla with you on your adventures, using our free “Make and Take Zilla” Instructions and Template! Going on vacation?  To the park?  To the Moon?  Bring him with you.  And don’t forget your camera; pictures of Zilla are a great way to remember all the things you’ve done, places you’ve been.  If you send one to us at (with your parent’s permission), we might place it on our big orange Frieda B. Fridge, or our Facebook page!

So the only thing left to ask is… Where will your adventures and imagination take you and Zilla today?

Frieda’s all-time favorite game? 

“If You Could, Would You Rather”

Check out the IYCWYR page

and play it with one or more of your friends.  

It’s great fun.

Beans in a Bag

How many can play: 3-10.

What you need: Paper bags (1 for each player), and a bunch of dried beans.

How to play:  All players but one start with 20 beans in their bags, and stand in a line.  Each selects a handful of beans from his bag and secretly holds it in his hand.  The player with no beans stands in front of the first person in line, who asks him, “odd or even?”.  The player with no beans must guess whether the amount of beans in the first player’s hand is odd or even.  If he guesses right, he gets to keep the beans and put them in his bag.  He travels down the line and does this with each player, then takes his place at the end of the line.  Now the player at the front of the line moves through the line the same way.  Once all players have had a turn going through the line, everyone counts the beans in his own bag.  The player with the most is the bean-bag winner.


How many can play: 2-??.

What you need: No supplies needed.

How to play: All players sit in a circle.  One players begins by telling a made-up story all her own, but then randomly stops, and points to another player who must immediately continue telling the story, using her imagination.  If a player stalls more than a few seconds, she’s out of the game.  The story continues to be told this way until there’s only one storyteller left.  (Note: If one of the players “finishes” the story, the next player simply starts telling a sequel.  There is no end to the story until the winner completes it.)

Blob Tag

How many can play: 5-10.

What you need: No supplies needed.

How to play: Two people are “it” and must play with their arms linked.  They are not allowed to separate.  If one of them tags someone, that someone becomes part of the growing “it” blob that must work together to tag and capture the other players.  But – only the two people on the ends of the blob line are allowed to tag and capture, so those who are still loose might successfully run through the blob without being captured.  Great fun!  The last one to be blob-free is the winner.

Button Bowl

How many can play: 1-??

What you need: 4-6 plastic mixing bowls or buckets of various sizes, 20 buttons (or pennies, or marshmallows, etc.) in a coffee mug, masking tape.

How to play: In a hallway or long narrow space, mark a pitching line on the floor at one end.  Next, line up the bowls from nearest to farthest from the line, and assign each bowl a point number (fewer points for those closest to the line, higher points for those farthest away).  Now, players take turns standing behind the pitching line and tossing buttons one at a time toward the bowls.  Once the player is finished tossing all 20, players work together to add up his points.  All players take a turn tossing; the player with the most points is the winner.  To make things trickier (and funnier), do another round blindfolded.