Free to B. True Tins Activity

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Simple and inspiring, indeed.

Appropriate age for this activity:  7 and up (and we mean UP – every age loves FBT Tins).

Time needed: An hour should do it.

What you’ll need:  Chalkboard/whiteboard/large pad of paper, and chalk/marker.  For each participant, you’ll need (1) empty Altoids® (or similar) hinged metal tin; (1) pair of FBT Tin Labels (sold in packs of 10 in our online store); something to write with (we suggest pens/pencils and Sharpies); 20-ish small pieces of paper; pompom ribbon (or other decoration for lid); strong glue. Note: you can make these for free using small cardboard lidded boxes (every household has ‘em) and decorating with art supplies.

Day-of preparation: Set up work space so that all participants will have a good view of chalkboard/whiteboard/paper.  Fill center of work space with all supplies.  (If using hot glue gun(s), have this set-up somewhere where adult supervision is permanently stationed.)  We love music while we do workshops… As part of this activity involves talking, consider having some inspiring instrumental music ready to play.

When it’s time to get started… 

* Have all participants take their seats, and ask them to help you make a list of words that describe good qualities a person might have (for instance: forgiving, generous, a good listener, a good hugger, responsible).  Spend a good ten+ minutes on this, and write every word on the board.

* Once the word wall is full (although you can continue to add to it throughout the activity), ask this question of participants: “If you as an individual were to leave the room right now, and I asked everyone else to tell me qualities that best describe you, what words off this list might you hope they’d use?  Take your time.  Choose 6-8 words, and write each on a separate piece of paper.” [You might also consider… if participants are good friends, ask them to also write and share words specifically for each other.] When finished, tell the group that the words each of them has chosen [and been given] most likely best reflects his/her unique combination of qualities.

* Ask everyone to take a tin and set of FBT Tin Labels.  Instruct each to write his/her name on the logo label (this is where Sharpies work well), then place the label on the outside of the lid.  Place the other label on the inside of the lid (see photos above).  Decorate outer edge of lid with pompom ribbon or other decoration.

* Finally, instruct each participant to place his/her words inside the tin, as a charming and validating keepsake.

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