If You Could, Would You Rather?

Hey there, friend!  I’m sitting here whipping up answers to “If you could, would you rather” questions that friends like you have been sending to me. 

If you don’t already know, “If you could, would you rather” is my very favorite game of all-time, ‘cause you can play it anywhere (okay, maybe not at the movies or a concert or church…but mostly everyplace else).  And you can play it with anyone.  Even your great-great Aunt Alice whom you’ve only met once before in your whole life.  In fact, it’s the perfect game to play with someone you don’t know well, or someone you want to get to know better.  And you always can get to know someone better – even your mom or your bestest, bestest friend.

Sometimes, I even make up my own “If you could, would you rather” questions and write them down with the answers in my journal. I l-o-v-e journals.  Big, fat, thick ones I can lug around in my mailbag, and teenie screeny ones that fit in my pants pocket with a tiny colored pencil looped through the little spirals.  Fun!  And I love to read through all the stuff I’ve written.  Kind of like keeping my own story, that I’ll always have forever.

I’ll tell you another time about all the fun ways I like to write in and decorate my journals.

For now, here are my answers to some of those “If you could, would you rather” questions I’ve been getting.  And if you want, send me some questions of your own.  I’ll answer as many as I can, right here.  So come back and visit often!

Dream Big,



If you could, would you rather climb a mountain or snorkel in the ocean?

Ooo, snorkel.  I love underwater.  It’s like a whole second world.

If you could, would you rather have breakfast for dinner or dessert for lunch?

Tough one.  Hmmm…  I think a stack of pancakes with lots of syrup and some really crisp bacon for dinner.  Yep.  …Hey mom?…


If you could, would you rather kiss a dog or kiss a cat?

A dog, of course.  (Otherwise, I’d hurt Zilla’s feelings)