Sweet Dreams Pillowcase Activity

A blank slate for big dreams.

Back of Pillowcase, inspired by Ashlyn.

Front of pillowcase, inspired by Tyler.

Appropriate age for this activity: 5 and up (we’d be remiss if we failed to tell you this is great for adults, too)

Time needed: 1-2 hours is suggested

What you’ll need:

  • Either Frieda B. pre-printed Sweet Dreams Pillowcases, or blank pillowcases.  Washed and dried.  One per participant.
  • Fabric-safe pens, markers or paint/brushes.  Note that paint takes longer to dry, so if using paint you’ll need to have participants work on one side, then let dry before working on the other.  Avoid glues and glitters, as these are messy, dry clumpy, and the glitter will fall off for months to come.
  • A large piece of cardboard or thick stack of paper (to fit inside the pillowcase), one per participant.
  • A piece of paper and pencil for each participant.
Day-Of Preparation:
Cover work area with disposable tablecloths or paper.  Have markers and/or paint supplies accessible, in the center of the table. Place a piece of paper and pencil at each place.  To make the atmosphere more lively, have fun/inspiring music playing in the background.

Let the Dreaming Begin. 

1. Using the paper and pencil in front of them, ask participants to draw a line down the center of the page.  At the top of the left column, have them write and underline “Stuff I’m Good At/Like”.  Give them 10 minutes or so of quiet time, to fill in this column with all the things they can think of that they are good at and/or truly enjoy.

Note that young children might need help with this portion of the activity, as well as with #2, and should know it’s okay to keep things very simple if they’d like.

2. At the top of the right column, have participants write and underline “Stuff I Care About/Love”.  Give them another 10+ minutes of quiet time, to fill in this column with all the things they can think of that they truly care about and love.

Guide participants away from putting material things, such as clothes or money or celebrities, on their lists.  Explain that these don’t really help us explore our stories – what we’re uniquely good at and care about.  

3. Prep each pillowcase for decorating.  Insert cardboard or paper inside pillowcase, and – making sure the table surface is clean – place pillowcase on the table.  If using the Sweet Dreams Pillowcase, make sure the “_______’s Big Dreams:” side is facing up.

4. If using the Sweet Dreams Pillowcase, instruct participants to use paint pens, markers or permanent markers to write their name (first or full) in the blank.  Those using blank pillowcases can write it out in full (i.e., Tara’s Big Dreams:) at the top of the pillowcase.

5. Using the lists they’ve created on their paper, participants now use their imaginations to turn these ideas into dreams – writing about or drawing them on their pillowcase.

If someone has one very specific dream, encourage him/her to use the full pillowcase to write or draw about it.  It’s best to let each person use this activity to truly express how he/she uniquely feels about his/her own free-to-be story.

6. Once the “Big Dreams” side is done (and dry), turn the pillowcases over and instruct participants to decorate the Sweet Dreams side however they’d like.  A neat idea is to let kids sign each other’s pillowcases on this side, as a memento of their friendships and time together.

7. If time allows, have participants share their pillowcases; guide them to note that not one is exactly like another, yet each is wonderfully unique.

Share photos of your pillowcases with us at info@FriedaB.com or Facebook.com/FriedaBHerself.