For Libraries


At Frieda B., LLC… We love children.  We love books.

And we know you feel the same.

If you’d like Frieda B. books for the children and families who step foot into your library in search of something meaningful, engaging and endearing… we’d be honored to provide them to you.

As we’re quite protective of the rights of this growing little series, we publish these hard-cover, full-color books ourselves, in the US.  And cover to cover and each page in between, they’ll stand nose-to-nose with the finest books on your shelves.  Because we love children, and we love books. So we don’t skimp.

To Order:  Easy peasy.  The books retail for $15 each.  We sell them to public libraries for $10 each, and ship them to you for free.  Simply call us (860.763.0330) or email us ( with the number of books you’d like to purchase of each title, and your tax exempt ID#.  We’ll process your order pronto, so Frieda B. can begin greeting all those children and families you love, right from your shelves.

Supporting Materials & Programs: Each Frieda B. book teaches a life lesson about valuing one’s own unique worth as well as the worth of others.  Renata has written a letter to accompany each book, to guide an adult through prompts and talking points designed to engage a child in the story and its lessons.  These letters are free and can be found/printed at In addition, with any purchase of our books, we can make available to you at no cost a number of projects for all ages that are highly engaging and esteem-boosting and can be completed with a few modest art supplies.

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