11.09.19, 10-10:45am: Free Storytime With Renata
The Story Barn

11.09.19, 10-10:45am: Free Storytime With Renata

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*Registration is not necessary to attend, but space is limited at The Story Barn. So if you'd like to guarantee a spot for this event, do register. Please include adults in the total number of people in your party; infants or lap children do not need to be registered.  

Children, families welcomed. 

Join Renata for a lively and engaging by-the-author reading of the fourth book in the series, Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink!  Reading will be followed by an opportunity to purchase books and have them signed by Renata. 

Story Summary: When a traveling salesman comes to town selling Finkledee Ink, Frieda B. scrapes together every last penny to purchase a jar for herself. Her hope and belief is that this one jar of ink magically will make her a great writer (a deep longing she holds in her heart). But can a jar of ink truly hold the key to her dream? And if so, what happens to that dream when the jar of ink shatters? (Gasp!) Does her dream shatter, too?

Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink is a story to help children of all ages heartily believe that when it comes to our dreams and our natural gifts, there's nothing we need to buy or get. Nope. Everything is inside of us already. What we do need is dedication, perseverance, and the belief and support of others. And - more importantly - the belief in our very own selves.

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