Frieda B. Adventure Bag
Frieda B.

Frieda B. Adventure Bag

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In Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon, Frieda B. packed a bag for her adventure... Do the same!

Our Adventure Bag is just the ticket. With two outer pockets for your smaller treasures (like your FBT Tin, for example!), sturdy backpack straps, and a strong rope-cinch closure, this nylon bag is up for the task. Roomy, too. At 15" x 16", there's plenty of room for your story-journal, a Frieda B. book or two (for inspiration), and other neat stuff that inspires your story... things that encourage what you love and care about. Always have it at the ready, and take every moment you can to grab it, dream big and explore! Want to take Zilla with you? Download our free "Make and Take Zilla" Template and Instructions at Now you've got a winning combo.

Grown-ups: if you'd like to turn this into a winner-winner-chicken-dinner gift... check out our Adventure Bag Bundle. One Adventure Bag, one Story-Journal Activity, and your choice of one Frieda B. Book. Just $33! You save $9, while investing in the dreams of a child. Really, who can argue with that? Find the Adventure Bag Bundle listed separately in our store.

"She planned out a course and she picked out a back for her moonboots and helmet and polishing rag." - Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon

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