ZOOM Writers Workshop, The Hero's Journey: "The Unknown"
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ZOOM Writers Workshop, The Hero's Journey: "The Unknown"

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Join Frieda B. author Renata Bowers - virtually via Zoom - as she leads this monthly workshop for teens, adults and seniors of all stages and genres of writing... a creative and encouraging space in which to explore different avenues for expanding your love of writing, and for exploring the why, for whom, and how you write. Renata shares a compelling topic at each writer's workshop, to get the ball rolling. 

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This Month's Topic: The Hero’s Journey: "The Unknown".  There is a formula for penning the stories that pull at our hearts, cause us to achingly hope for the unlikely, and cause us to cry, hug, jump in elation when the impossible thing is accomplished... and it’s called The Hero’s Journey Narrative. We will be exploring it in stages, learning the nuances and power of each element.

This month, we'll explore "The Unknown" - the point in The Hero's Journey narrative when the main character crosses into an unfamiliar world of some sort.  Why is this important? How can it add suspense and relatability to your writing? 

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