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Glow Bracelets_School Store
Frieda B.

Glow Bracelets_School Store

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We don't know how else to explain it other than to say we think these bracelets run on magic. On their own, they're fun and fabulous. But. When the light hits them just right (indoors or out), they g-l-o-w. Really. We don't know how or why, we just know we really, really like them.

And this got us to thinking... Aren't these very much like our stories? Why, yes! When we dream big and believe in what we can do, and we take care of our stories just so, well, they glow. Quite magically, too.

So slip one or more onto your wrist and show the world just how free-to-be beautiful you are, inside and out. One size fits all, young and old. Durable elastic band and sturdy beads in eight different colors wear and wear. 

Fancy that.

"All those stories! The worlds and adventures they held, full of heroes and villains and enemies felled. Of great mountains to climb, of great dreams getting wings... Of a thousand times thousand great wonderful things." - Frieda B. and the Zillabeast