POSTPONED: Book Club, "From Struggle to Strength": 6-7:30pm
POSTPONED: Book Club, "From Struggle to Strength": 6-7:30pm
POSTPONED: Book Club, "From Struggle to Strength": 6-7:30pm
POSTPONED: Book Club, "From Struggle to Strength": 6-7:30pm
The Story Barn

POSTPONED: Book Club, "From Struggle to Strength": 6-7:30pm

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At The Story Barn in Somers, CT! Ages 21 & Up. *Registration required. Participants are welcomed to bring food and beverages to enjoy as we read and discuss.

Book: Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon - and any other book (bring one or more with you!) that inspires the reader to dig deep in the face of conflict and create something good within him/herself and the world at large. 

Topic of the Evening: "From Struggle to Strength". Get ready to be inspired and to build your books-to-read list! Little inspires us more than a Hero's Journey.  In literature, movies, real life... those who face challenge with grit and determination, those who own up when they've done wrong - and make it right, those who run in when others are running out... historically, by great measure, these are the stories and the people we love best. Tonight we'll study  how challenges actually can present an opportunity to grow in our strengths, to be a hero in our own narrative. 

What is "A Different Kind of Book Club"? Well, if you love the interchange, banter and community of a book club (but maybe don't always have time to read the book and/or commit to a regular schedule)... it might be juuust the right fit.  

At each Book Club we'll explore and discuss a different Frieda B. book... you may - or may not - be surprised at the depth of conversation a picture book can prompt. This is what makes this book club different. And wonderful.

For parents, educators, caregivers... the topics we explore can help you consider and navigate the stories within the little lives you help to lead.

For individuals, friends, family members - adults of any age... it is never too late to nurture and further our own stories. Come to explore and encourage the story within you and within those you love. 

No need to read the book - led by Frieda B. author Renata Bowers, we'll read and discuss it together. The joy of seeing adults find deep meaning and discussion in the pages of our books never ceases to inspire us. Story has its own innate way of awakening our sense of purpose, wonder, compassion and possibility. 

Be part of authentic community - there is little more fulfilling than being part of the connections that take place when good people engage in good and purposeful discussion. After all, the best of book clubs are as much about community as they are about books. We soundly encourage both.

Come join us as we use written story to inspire the one-of-a-kind free-to-be story within each of us.

* As part of this Book Club, signed copies of this book will be available to participants for a discounted price of $10 each. 

Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon: What do we do when we’ve done something wrong – even innocently so? This is the question explored in Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon. At the outset of the story, fueled by Frieda B.’s limitless imagination, Frieda and Zilla take a trip to the moon “to see what it’s like where the rockets and astronauts go.” But when her bed crash-lands and hurts the Man in the Moon, how does she respond? A fun yet tender story of adventure, friendship and making amends, Man in the Moon encourages us to see the valuable story in others and do what’s necessary to honor it. In doing so, we honor and further our own.

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