School Store

Please Note: The School Store is only for staff and families of schools with whom Frieda B. has made arrangements for orders to be delivered directly to the school. If you've reached this page in error, we welcome you to place an order via our general online store.


Welcome! If your school has given you the link to this store, you're good to go: the order you place here will ship free of charge, directly to your school!  *Please follow instructions to ensure your books get signed*

ONE: Free-ship-to-school and 20% book discount apply only to the products on this page. 

TWO: Don't forget to apply your PROMO CODE at checkout to receive the 20% discount on any books you order on this page.

THREE: Be sure to use the "comments" section at checkout to indicate 1. the student or staff member to whom your order should be delivered at school; and 2. to whom you'd like each book signed and dedicated.