The Story Barn

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What is The Story Barn?

It's a cozy, creative, converted horse barn in Somers, CT, set back on seven acres of land. It's a place to encourage, inspire and explore the unique free-to-be story within you and the ones you love, of any and every age.

Founded by the Bowers and LaJoie families of Frieda B., LLC, The Story Barn is home to a number of wonderful things (see pics in the photo gallery):

* the national-award-winning Frieda B. book series, authored by Renata Bowers, which we publish and share with the world from right here in Somers, CT;

* an open creative space and monthly schedule of events, something for every age, each event designed to encourage the story within;

* seven acres of land to explore: the babbling brook, towering tree canopies, a gazebo and fire pit, an 1800s watering trough turned into a fountain, a pond, a swing, and lots and lots of room to run;

* peace, play, imagination, contemplation, family, community... your story and the stories of those you love.

    Who is it for?

    Kids & Families. Children, teens, parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins... our storytimes and hands-on workshops are designed for you to be participating in together, side by side. Learning more about your story and the stories of those you love... it is time incredibly well-spent.  Please note: at least one adult needs to accompany children age 12 and under.

    Adults. You have a story, too.  And it's likely you support the stories of others (children, friends, co-workers, parents, neighbors). Our workshops and book clubs help you navigate and cultivate your own story, as well as the stories of the people you care for. Come alone, bring a loved one, bring a group! Our goal is to encourage you and all you do.

    Educators. We have a big heart for you and what you do. We've created Frieda B. The Whole Child ELA/SEL curriculum, based on the Frieda B. books, to help you nurture autonomy and community within your school and classrooms (or within your home if you homeschool). Come to a scheduled PD, book a private PD for your staff, come to a workshop or book club with your co-workers, or bring students to the barn for a field trip!

    When is it Open? Can I Buy Books There?

    We are open to the public for scheduled events, which we hold regularly. We are available for private events (email us at for details). And yes, we do have a lively little retail store within the barn which is open during all events. If you'd like to order books but aren't coming to an event anytime soon, you always can order in our online store

    How and Where Do I Register?

    Right here! Check out our current calendar of events, click on the one(s) you're interested in to learn more and to register if desired. Easy peasy. Please note: at least one adult needs to accompany children age 12 and under.