Renata Bowers

This is my work and my passion: Encouraging the whole child and the story within.

Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, I have a deep love for the foundations of my childhood: an abundance of free time and wide-open spaces; love of family, faith and community; encouragement of imagination, play, music, movement, words. Because I had so much of this as a child, it’s my heart as an adult to share it with as many children as I can. And that’s where Frieda B. comes in. How she came to be is a serendipitous story all its own.  

I believe that within each of us is an incredibly unique and valuable story. Kind of like a lightbulb, it needs to be turned on to shine. So many of us – young and old alike – either don’t know it’s there at all, or believe we’re not good enough, or think it’s too late to light it. That’s nonsense. The world needs every good story – the unique potential and purpose inside each and every one of us. And so, there’s Frieda. To nudge us to believe, to dream, to flip the switch.

Since 2010 I’ve been bringing this message to students and families and staff at schools, via author visits. I use Frieda B. and the concept of story and imagination to encourage the whole child within every child. This historically has so impacted teachers and administrators that Frieda B., LLC has developed a parallel ELA/SEL-based program for schools, called Frieda B. The Whole Child, to help PK-5 schools coax and encourage the innate gifts and passions (the unique and important story) within each and every student and staff member, to create a school-wide culture of authentic autonomy and community. Learn more at

As a parent, I strive to develop avenues for dialogue with parents and caregivers – to explore the whole child concept and to help adults authentically encourage the unique story within the children they love. I write a blog about these things at Also, I’ve written a read-aloud guide for parents and caregivers, for each of the Frieda B. books. You can purchase these for free in our online store!

In short, my dream and story is to help create a world of realized stories among young and old alike. That is the gift I hope to leave. I live in Northern CT with my husband, David, and our two sons, Hunter and Garreth.