Workshops & Retreats

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Who are you Free to B.? Frieda B. Workshops and Retreats offer a multitude of ways to explore the free-to-be story inside you and the children you love. We’ll work with you to create an event that is just right for your group: children, parents/children, teens, adults.

Story Cover Workshop

90 minutes All Ages $450

Every cover of every book is a glimpse into the story inside. In this workshop, using a template that’s a modified version of the Frieda B. Herself cover, you’ll be guided through the process of creating a cover that’s a glimpse into your own unique story. Compare with others in the workshop… are any identical? Of course not. Because no two stories are alike. A great visual reminder that you have a unique story all your own. Now just believe in it, dream big, and use it to make the world a better place.

Free to B. True Tin Workshop

90 minutes Ages 7 & up $450

What does it mean to be true to yourself and others? How can it help you to better live and tell your story? If someone was asked to describe you in 6-8 words, what words would you most want them to use? In this workshop, create a tin that’s filled with words that best describe your strengths, your key characteristics. On the inner lid of the tin, you’ll place a sticker that reads “May the words in this tin help remind me of the person and friend I most want to be.”

Dream Board Workshop

120 minutes Ages 7 & Up $600

You’ve heard of dream boards, but probably not like this. The Frieda B. Dream Board Workshop doesn’t focus on “stuff” like homes and celebrities and vacation spots and toys. Instead, it helps you better identify dreams related to your one-of-a-kind story. You’ll put your imagination into action to create a collage of the things you’re good at and care about. The final product serves as a keepsake reminder of your unique wiring and story.

Frieda B. Retreats

3+ Hours Adults/Teens Price Varies

Consider it a spa day for your whole child… Frieda B. Retreats are custom-designed for each group, always with a focus on exploring, discussing and applying concepts related to story and the whole child. Put aside a few hours, a full day… put down your phone, pick up a steaming cup of coffee, curl up on a couch and allow us to walk you through discussions that will help inspire the free-to-be story within you – and within the children you love.