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FBTWC complements the ELA and SEL programs you're already using!
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Through her national-award-winning Frieda B. series of picture books, children's author Renata Bowers has developed an engaging method for utilizing written story to inspire the human story within every child... to help each child believe in self (autonomy) and to choose be part of something good (community), even in the midst of challenging chapters (resilience).

The Frieda B. The Whole Child (FBTWC) ELA/SEL Toolkit & author-led events is built on this method and book series. FBTWC provides an array of story-based resources to PK-5 educators for sharing with students, staff and families the beauty of using STORIES to move toward meaningful, relevant academic and social success... all the while complementing and enhancing the school's existing English Language Arts (ELA) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) standards and initiatives.

FBTWC and author Renata Bowers help inspire the story within students, staff and families, using the books already on your shelves, the stories already in your lives! Because stories can help us better understand our unique and important place in the world. And research (and common sense) substantiates that a child who understands and believes she has a unique and important worth:
  • will more readily and successfully engage academically and in the world around her (autonomy);
  • will more readily embrace and support the stories of others (community);
  • is more likely to turn challenges into chapters of greatness (resilience).
"Life and learning matter to a child when a child believes she matters." Renata Bowers
Wondering how to fit Social-Emotional Learning into your school day? We pair it naturally with ELA. FBTWC provides creative, engaging, story-based resources designed to simultaneously complement the ELA and SEL programs you're already using... all the while helping to build a school-wide culture of authentic autonomy, community and resilience that helps students learn to thrive in daily life.

FBTWC is tailored for students, staff and families! 

For Students: Virtual or In-Person Author Visits, with Renata.
For Staff: An FBTWC Toolkit, neatly bundling everything you need to successfully bring this ELA/SEL Whole Child initiative into your school: an Educator Handbook, Guide for self-led PD, an ELA/SEL Lesson Plan for each Frieda B. book, teaching aids, printable activities, 15 Educational Videos, electronic files for all content, and more. 
For Staff: Virtual or In-Person Educator Professional Development with Renata. 
For Families: Sharable Materials as well as Virtual or In-Person Family Events, with Renata. All materials in the Toolkit are sharable with your families, and Renata is available for custom family events, to create a seamless experience between school and home. The cost for family events with Renata is the same as with her author visits.

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To directly inquire: or 860.763.0330
Free Book Guides. For each book, Renata has written a letter to you, containing a guideline of talking points she’s developed while reading her books to children, designed to encourage fun and meaningful discussions. "Purchase" them - for free - in our online store
A Whole Child Blog. This is Renata’s professional blog where she posts about all things related to encouraging the whole child. Follow it here.
Parent/Caregiver Events. Want to learn more about your child’s story? How about your story? (It’s incredibly important, too.) Renata would love to tailor a whole child presentation or workshop specifically for your group. For options, click here.

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To directly inquire: or 860.763.0330