Every Frieda B. book, educator handbook, lesson plan, program and resource is lovingly created, written, illustrated, designed and published by us... and entirely in the USA.

It wasn’t Renata’s original dream or intention to become a publisher. She didn’t imagine it as part of her own story. But that’s the funny thing about stories… they seem to know their way. And they’ll take you along if you just let them, oftentimes to a place better than you’d have dreamed on your own. This is true for Renata, and now for us as a company. (See The Serendipitous Story of Frieda B. for the full account.)

The Frieda B. Book Series was awarded Gold for Best Picture Book Series by the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Winning this national award has been a true honor for us and our work.

Frieda B. Books. Through the imagination, adventures and lessons of key character Frieda B. and her dog, Zilla, each story inspires children to dream big and believe in their own unique free-to-be stories… and to value and support the stories of others. View all books here

Frieda B. The Whole Child. Based on the imaginative stories and social-emotional lessons found within the series of Frieda B. books, this program provides comprehensive resources for schools and families to help encourage the whole multi-faceted story within each child. Learn more at