This single question drives everything we do. Whether it be via book, curriculum or event, we strive to inspire every child (and adult) to dream big and believe in these fundamental truths:

  • Just like Frieda B., you are free to be the never-before-told, amazing, very important story you carry inside. There's something good in this world only you can do.
  • You are one-of-a-kind for all time… uniquely wired with a combination of gifts and interests and experiences that no one else ever can or ever will duplicate.
  • Every person has a unique story and inherent worth, deserving of encouragement and support.

Renata created her signature Hands Activity to help children visualize their unique wiring and story (watch it in the video below, starting at 1:27). She shares it at every Frieda B. event and presentation, to inspire young and old to explore their gifts and interests, and dream big about how their stories uniquely can impact the world for good.

Where and how do we inspire? As many ways as we can dream up and deliver…