Notes of Encouragement

Encouraging Kids to Encourage Others


At Frieda B., our number one goal is to encourage the story within every child. We believe in the importance of autonomy, of helping children - and adults - grasp the truth that each of us is free to be the one-of-a-kind, never-before-told, amazing and very important story we carry inside... a story that is capable of impacting the world in a unique and significant way. 

Just as important to us is encouraging community. To have a story but not use it to inspire and connect with others is to fall short of one's full potential and purpose. 

And so we strive to help children internalize the beauty and the inherently good power of encouraging others, of adding empathy and inspiration to the world. Even in the seemingly smallest of ways. 

In this light, we created our Notes of Encouragement Program.  It's really quite simple, which probably is its greatest beauty.  We provide notecards to schools where Renata has visited with students, and we instruct those students through the process of thinking about how it feels to be encouraged, then using those feelings to create a note to encourage someone they'll likely never meet.  

We collect and then distribute these cards to customers, vendors, partners - one person at a time.

One of the greatest blessings in our work is watching someone open a note. You can imagine. Often we're asked by recipients to take a picture to share back with the school, as a way of expressing gratitude. 

We track the city and state where each note finds its home. Then, when we've distributed all the notes from a school, we send to that school a summary of where all of their Notes of Encouragement went... along with a photo or two of some of the recipients. 

It's little things done with good intention that have power to positively impact others. We have seen that time and time again through this program - on the part of both the creator and recipient. 

Which is why we have decided to broaden the impact of these students' notes. We have selected 8 notes and redesigned them into printed notecards for folks like you to purchase and share with even more people. These are available in our online store

We are greatly encouraged, to encourage. 

Want to be encouraged, inspired? Watch this video made by students from Somers Elementary School, in our very own hometown: