Our Mission

What would the world look like if all children dreamed big and believed in their stories?


Our Mission

Rooted in imagination and purpose, Frieda B. inspires children to dream big and believe in the significance of their one-of-a-kind stories, to value the stories of others, and to use what they’re good at and care about to make the world a better place.


Our Vision

At Frieda B., we work directly with children - as well as equip parents, teachers and caregivers - to encourage and inspire “the story within”. By doing so, our intent is to create a world where…

…all children believe they are one-of-a-kind (like their fingerprint), with a unique story – a combination of gifts and passions – that is vitally important to the world around them;

…imagination is valued and encouraged for its inherent potential to help a child explore his world, solve his problems, identify his dreams, and pursue his story;

…all children are “Frieda (just) B.” To dream big, hope, believe, run, laugh, color, climb, explore, play. To be kids and be free to do things kids are meant to do;

… children believe no one is inferior or superior. Kindness reigns because individual worth is valued and validated;

…children boldly and joyfully use their unique gifts and passions to make a difference, to become part of something bigger than themselves – to make the world a better place.


Our Values

Our values - rooted in our Foundational Principals - define what we believe is essential to fulfilling our mission, and to conducting our business with purpose and integrity.

Servant Leadership. What we have and do at Frieda B. is a great blessing. Those who are leaders - out of gratitude and humility for this blessing - strive to serve and give to others what has been given to us: an opportunity to make a difference.

Gratitude. What we have is a gift. Our thankfulness for that gift is reflective in all we do. Come rain or shine.

Honesty. We are fair, transparent and accountable to all whom we serve and with whom we do business.

Collaboration. We work together as a family, respecting and relying on each others’ unique gifts and passions. We seek to learn and expand our ability to serve, via partnerships with like-missioned organizations, communities and caregivers.

Creativity. What are we, if not fun and imaginative? We infuse all we do and all we offer with a sense of free-to-be whimsy, joy, purpose, and possibility.

Boldness. When armed with the conviction that what we are doing is right and good, we act boldly. Great good often is the byproduct of faith and conviction.