Free! Letters from Renata
Frieda B.

Free! Letters from Renata

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Dear Parents and Caregivers:

I firmly believe it.  Your child has a story.  Your child IS a story.

Yes, tucked inside that little body you love is a story like no other, made up of a one-of-a-kind mix of gifts, passions, imagination and purpose.  To add to that, I firmly believe that children who are encouraged to dream about, believe in and explore the uniqueness and power of their innate story (and acknowledge those of others) have a head start on a life of hope, focus and meaning.

And so, I write stories about Frieda B., to encourage children to dream big and believe in their very own dreams and stories.  Just like Frieda, each one of us is free to be and do whatever our heart tells us to (for the heart truly is the keeper of our stories).

For each of the first 5 Frieda B. books, I’ve created a letter and reading guide for you, to use when reading and talking about the story with your child.  (The sixth book, You Are Free to Be YOU, is in itself a guided conversation.) Nothing fancy.  Just a guideline of talking points for each of these books that I’ve developed while working with thousands of children during author visits.  It’s in my work with children that I’ve discovered the true power and potential of these books. And I’m ever-grateful for the opportunity to share the message of Frieda B. with people of all ages.  For I deeply believe it’s an ageless truth.

My own dream and story? To help children everywhere believe in theirs.  Imagine:  What would the world look like if thousands, millions of children grew up believing in their story?

Let’s start with you and the children you love.

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