Frieda B. Patch Programs: FAQs (and answers)

Where do I find everything related to the Frieda B. Patch Programs for AHG?


What ages are best suited for the Frieda B. Programs? Are they only for younger girls?

We can’t emphasize enough… We’ve created these Programs to reach and challenge ALL ages – from Tenderhearts to Pi/Pas – even Leaders.  For older girls, there’s not only challenging material, but there are opportunities for them to lead the younger girls.  Also, note that for Leaders, we’ve created specific Leader Event Guides for our programs, to keep you fed and connected.  These Leader Guides also provide challenging material for Pi/Pas interested in leadership.


Who is Frieda B.? What are the Frieda B. Books about?

Frieda B. is a big dreamer, who believes she is free to be who/what/where she dreams she can be.  In each book, through imagination and adventure (and with her lovable dog, Zilla), Frieda fully explores something she loves… and learns an important life lesson in the process.  The series is designed to encourage children of all ages to dream big and believe in their own unique worth and story – and to support the worth/story of others.  All books are masterfully illustrated by renowned children’s illustrator, Michael Chesworth, best known for his illustrations of the Pippi Longstocking series.  You can view and purchase Frieda B. books in our online store.


What is the main messaging of the Frieda B. Patch Programs for AHG?

While the Frieda B. Books are secular in nature, the AHG Programs delve into their scriptural foundations: Each of us has worth and purpose.  We are free to be the story God placed inside us – a story meant to add light to the world.  God calls us to love and support the stories and worth of others.


What are the general emphases for each Program?

* Free to B. a Blessing (FBAB) – based on the book Frieda B. Herself:

Every person has a God-authored, unique and very important story.  This program is designed to help girls dream big (Eph. 3:20) and believe in their stories (Jer. 29:11), and determine how God would have them live their stories in service – as a blessing – to others (Matt. 5:16).

* Free to B. True (FBT) – based on the book Frieda B. Meets the Man in the Moon:

An engaging and relevant biblical approach for all ages to exploring what it means to resolve inner and external conflict by being True to Yourself, and True to Others (Luke 6:31,The Golden Rule).

* Free to B. a Kindness Ambassador (FBKA) – based on the book Frieda B. and the Zillabeast:

Guides girls through the process of becoming a Kindness Ambassador: looking for, recognizing and thanking the kindnesses of others (Romans 12:10), all over our country.  It’s important to realize that encouraging and praying for those whose efforts are making a positive difference, is yet another way to be a light in this world.

* Free to B. a Leader (FBAL) – based on the book Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink:

Directly supports AHG’s commitment to Girl Leadership, and is an intentional complement to the AHG Girl Leadership Positions Guide. FBAL is an ideal kick-off to a Girl Leadership Retreat. Rooted in 1 Timothy 4:12, FBAL helps younger girls, as well as older girls and Adult Leaders, explore and apply the concepts of biblical leadership: loving, lifting and leading UPwards.

* Free to See with My Heart (FTS) – based on the book Frieda B. A Great Day at the Dog Park:

The Free to See with My Heart Program, based on this story and the book of Ephesians, helps girls and Leaders use the eyes of the heart to better understand God’s will for self and others… ultimately leading to the fullness of authentic community.


Do you offer anything specific for Leaders and/or girls moving into leadership?

Yes.  We are passionate about feeding leaders.  We’ve created specific Leader Event Guides for our programs, to keep you fed and connected.  These take the same Program themes and stretch them to challenge/serve adults, as well as older girls. The FBAL Program is designed specifically to encourage leadership in all ages. 


How do girls earn their Patch for each Program? Do these Programs work toward an AHG Badge?

Patch requirements are clearly outlined in the details for each Program, found at  FBAB activities assist in earning a Daughter of the King Badge.  FBT activities assist in earning a Social Skills & Etiquette Badge.  The FBKA Patch is different, in that it isn’t earned as much as it is awarded, to serve as a reminder of what it means to be a Kindness Ambassador. FBAL activities are designed to help girls identify Girl Leadership Positions for their unique gifts.


Which program should we start with? Do they go in order?

There is no need to follow a particular order; each Program addresses a different life lesson.  However, the FBAB Program often serves as the ideal first Program, as it lays the groundwork/overall messaging related to story, worth and purpose.


How do I do these Programs?  What are related costs?

These Programs are highly flexible, designed to work for a single girl, a family, a small Troop, a large Troop, even an invite-a-friend event to help grow your Troop.  All Program materials are free and printable. Just click whatever program interests you at; you'll find the printable materials within each program listing.  From a simple one-time gathering to a full-out overnight event, you can pick and choose the elements that best suit your situation; we give you options.  As we strive to make our Programs very cost-effective, the only cost-based requirement is the Frieda B. book associated with the Program you’re using; these can be purchased either as a hard cover book or a PowerPoint for a larger audience, as well as patches.  And there are other supporting supplies, activities you can peruse for purchase.  Everything is available in our online store.  Patches also are available in the AHG Attic.


What if girls, families, Leaders want to purchase Frieda B. Books?

Frieda B. books always are available for purchase in our online store. We also are happy to offer a Group Sales program for AHG Troops.  Your Troop and families can order as many copies as you’d like – and Renata will sign each book! Plus, we’ll ship them, at no charge, directly to you. We’ll continue to offer this program as long as Renata is able to keep up with demand. Find more info on any program page or at


What if I have specific questions not addressed here?

We always are available to you.  Email any questions to us at  Or call us at 860.763.0330.