Educator Support Details

FBTWC ELA/SEL Program Objective:

"Encourage and validate the whole child within each person. Foster belief and belonging via story, while developing a rich emotional vocabulary. Compare and contrast the unique stories of the author, characters, self (autonomy) and others (community).”

Through her national-award-winning Frieda B. series of picture books, children's author Renata Bowers has developed an engaging method for utilizing written story to inspire the human story within every child... to help each child believe in self (autonomy) and to be part of something good (community), even in the midst of challenging chapters (resilience).

The Frieda B. The Whole Child (FBTWC) ELA/SEL Toolkit & author-led PD is built on this method and book series. FBTWC provides an array of story-based resources to PK-5 educators for sharing with students, staff and families the beauty of using STORIES to move toward meaningful, relevant academic and social success... all the while complementing and enhancing the school's existing English Language Arts (ELA) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) standards and initiatives.

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Curriculum Toolkit: What is included?

We call it a Toolkit, because it offers to educators the beautiful flexibility of choosing the specific tools (lesson plans, projects, videos, interactive lessons) that best reinforce the ELA and/or SEL objectives they are addressing on any given day. Here's a listing of what you'll find in the FBTWC Toolkit, available for purchase in our online store:  
  • An Educator Handbook outlining the What, Why and How-to of FBTWC.
  • A step-by-step PK-5 ELA/SEL Lesson Plan for each book.
  • A Letter from Renata to Educators for each book
  • An Educator Discussion Video for each book.
  • An Author Readaloud Video for each book.
  • An Interactive Lesson Video for each book.
  • A “Building an Emotional Vocabulary with Zilla” Chart.
  • Three Printable Hands-on Projects that reinforce FBTWC messaging.
  • Electronic Files for all Toolkit elements; these can be shared with all school staff.
  • 5 one-year Memberships in Our Neighborhood (home of FBTWC virtual files & videos)
  • A set of 20 Gifts: Frieda B. Pencils, Buttons, and “Free to B.” Stickers.
  • A Signed Set of Frieda B. Books for the school’s library.
  • Discounts on Frieda B. Books for the school, staff and families.

Professional Development: Three Options

1. Leading your own FBTWC PD You’ll find everything you need to lead your own in-house FBTWC professional development, right in our Toolkit, including a step-by-step guide to conducting a 3-hour session.

2. Individual PD Sessions, via Zoom or at The Story Barn
We offer Professional Development sessions with Renata on an ongoing basis; teachers, counselors, librarians can attend on their own and learn the comprehensive ELA/SEL lesson for one of the Frieda B. books. Find these sessions in our current events calendar at  

3. Group PD Sessions/Team-Building/Retreats  Want Renata to lead any of these for your staff? She'd be happy to! You can book this directly through us; the cost is $990 for 3 hours of educator support tailored to your specific needs. We can come to you, conduct it via ZOOM or we can accommodate small to mid-size groups at The Story Barn in Somers, CT.  

Also, we offer a $1600 Foundational Base Package that bundles the FBTWC Toolkit with three hours of time with Renata - with students, staff and/or families. Also included in this Base Package is a discount on any additional add-on sessions. Contact us for full details, or to explore other options.

Administrator Retreats: Learn More

Periodically we offer free informational Administrator Retreats via ZOOM or at The Story Barn for PK-5 administrators... a chance to visit The Story Barn in Somers, and to learn more about all we offer through our Frieda B. The Whole Child curriculum and services. Find the dates and times for these retreats on our current calendar of events at  You're welcomed to invite other administrators you believe might be interested.

Author Visits, Family Events, Field Trips to The Story Barn

Whether we come to you or you come to us, Renata is adept at personalizing the Frieda B. The Whole Child message of STORY for any age, group, size, setting.

* Author Visits consist of three 50-minute sessions to use as the school chooses. Renata works with the school to determine which book(s) are best for each session, and she tailors the message accordingly for every age group. For the 2020-21 school year, the cost for an Author Visit is $990, and includes a signed set of Frieda B. books for the school library. Learn more at

* Renata often is asked to lead Family Events, sharing with families the same books and messages she's shared with students and staff during the school day, to create a strong sense of community and belonging for all.  These provide two hours of Renata's time to use as the school determines is best (speaking, mingling, signing books). The cost for the 2020-21 school year is $660. 

*Interested in Field Trips to The Story Barn? We can accommodate up to 32 people at a time in our Story Barn Workshop.  Guests each have their own seat at a table covered in kraft paper and laden with crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors and hands-on activities.  An hour with Renata is $330 and includes 30 minutes of additional time playing and exploring the seven acres of land surrounding the barn. 

* Interested in an Artist-in-Residence or other customized school event? We'd be happy to create something exclusively for you. Just reach out and inquire: or 860.763.0330. 


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