Kindness Map

The Frieda B. Kindness Ambassador Program encourages American Heritage Girls to see kindness and to be kindness, by recognizing those in this great country who dedicate their time and their gifts toward putting others first. As more Troops participate, this map will fill with hearts, each heart representing people who have been personally thanked for their acts of kindness.

AL TN0516 Winter Lockin16 Kindness recognized (4 acts).
AL TN0516 Winter Lockin16 Kindness recognized.
AR TX0191 Cousin Jesse For taking time to visit us.
AR TX0191 Hailey She shared her toys and friendship.
AZ CO2517 McKenna S. Always kind and willing to help when work needs to be done.  She is always very sweet & has a beautiful smile.
AZ AZ1013 Meri Beth F. Working at the Aid to Women Center - providing services honoring mother and baby - giving the best chance at life.
AZ PA0328 Sharon Rose W. Helping with healing recovery for the homeless through Hope Cottage.
CA PA0328 Alana K. Founder of SonRise Equestrian Foundation.  Improving lives of children with special needs through therapeutic horse & ranch activities.
CA PA0328 Luz M. Started Divine Mercy school helping kids, teens and adults reach their educational goals.
CA CA0608 Cassie M. For her work with babies in the NICU.
CA CA0608 Mrs. Ellen For helping with school work and watching kids when mom needs to run errands.
CA CA0608 Cerritos Sheriff Station For sacrificing time with their families to protect people they don't even know.
CA CA0608 Dr. Hall For making me feel comfortable and making me laugh.
CA CA0608 Christine L B For help and bringing toys after a fire.
CA CA0608 Downey Firefighters For helping during a fire in our home.
CA TX0191 Auntie Joan She cooked family dinners and braided my hair when she was tired.
CO CO2517 Troop Friends For their kindness and playing with me.
CO CO2517 Mimi Making Friday night dinners!
CO CO2517 Susan S. Being a hospice nurse.
CO TN0516 Winter Lockin16 Kindness recognized.
CO TN0516 Winter Lockin16

Kindness recognized.

CO NM2206 Kim D.

 Supporting me in AHG and the program - giving money for candles, lollipops and helping with the skate-a-thon.

CO PA0328 David W. Through Open Door Ministries, provides practical help to the homeless and low income population.
CO CA0608 Staisha K. For making me feel comfortable and playing with me.
CO CO2517 Heather D. Helps with AHG and makes sure all the girls are having fun.
CO CO2517 Zelaxie I was very sad and she talked to me.
CO CO2517 Kendra A good friend from school giving me snacks.
CO TX0191 Mrs. Tammi She is a very kind server at IHOP.
CT AHG Frieda B., LLC Offering the Kindness Ambassador Program to AHG troops.
FL HI0001 Support Our Troops Kindness recognized.
FL PA0328 Susan R. Started Canines for Christ spreading God's message of love, hope, kindness and compassion.
GA HI0001 Good Samaritan Homeless Center (for women and children).  Kindness recognized.
HI HI0001 Ewa Child & Family Svcs KIndness recognized.
HI HI0001 Special Olympics (Hawaii). Kindness recognized.
HI TX0191 Kaliea She sent me a get-well card.
ID CO2517 Steve & Tana H. For their kindness and for remembering me at special times.
KS WA1900 Grandma S. Traveling all the way from Topeka to go with us on a trip - making me feel special with her kind words and time.
KY TX0191 Aunt Tammy For her warmth and making feel at home and part of her family.
MD MD0413 Pastor Tae Pae Teaching people about God and reaching out to members of the church to encourage them during Covid19.
MD MD0413 Patty C. My Nonnie works as a nurse (practitioner) serving sick and hurting people - especially hard during Covid19.
MD MD0413 Amy V. Working so hard as a 1st grade teacher during COVID school year.
MD AZ1013 John B. Selflessly giving time to be interviewed - teaching about family and for dedicating himself to his children.
MD PA0328 Scott A. Started World Relief bringing sustainable solutions to the world's greatest problems.
MI MI3489 Lindsay G. Taking pictures of each of our units and individual pictures.
MI MI3489 Stacey N. Helping us earn our Sign Language badge - teaching us the AHG Oath in sign language!
MI MI0100 Caitlin C. A true friend.  Funny, smart & cool.  She cheers me up when I am sad.
MI PA0328 Diane Z. Started Grandma's Comfort charity providing gifts to women & children in MI, Haiti and abroad.
MI CO2517 Niko A good friend that moved away.  Still stays in touch with Facebook.
MI TX0191 Grandma Laura She takes care of me.
MN CO2517 Donna For being thoughtful and making doll clothes.
MN MN0100 Ms. Norma M Her thoughtfulness & gifts of outgrown toys, costumes, baby stuff, etc.
MN MN0100 Mrs. Paula S. (Jefferson Elem. School) Through difficult circumstances, learned & continued to teach us with distance learning.
MO MO6506 Michelle H. Being a tireless troop leader - helping the girls and parents.
MO CA0608 Esther S. For helping your parents, doing your chores, and playing with your siblings.
NC TN5624 Diane Kindness with the angel jars.
NM NM2206 Jody D. Being a tireless troop coordinator. May God continue to bless and keep her in all that she does.
NY NY3130 Deanna M. Tirelessly pursuing help for her clients - allowing God's mercy and wisdom for numerous health issues.
NY NY3130 Michelle W. Helping to start AHG in this area - having a heart for the girls, leaders and families - faith, service and fun!
OH CO2517 Brent & Julie B Welcoming us into their home and loving us like we were family.
OH FriedaB American Heritage Girls Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.
OH AHG213 Carol E. Teaching me the Word of God. I loved having her as a Bible Study Fellowship teacher. 
OH AHG213 Tamara & Anna Making a mask & delivering it with candy to our home during the COVID-19 - singing and making us smile.
OH OH0213 Denetta R. (grandmother) A camping trip and delivering food to my family during lock-down.
OH OH0213 Peyton & Brooke W. For the surprise & treats at Easter.
OH OH0213 Miss Calhoun At school year end, dropped off personalized water bottles and candy to everyone.
OH OH0213 Leanne For watching Kayla, letting her help and assisting with her online remote learning.
OK TX0191 Kristin J. She started Hope Mommies group for parents that have lost a child.  She points to Jesus.
OR CO2517 Grandma Dawn Always sends thoughtful gifts - this year's snow shoes for the family.
OR TN0516 Winter Lockin16 Kindness recognized.
OR TX0191 Uncle Kaleb He let us stay with them and taught me how to ride a bike.
PA NY3130 Megan B. Kindness through patience and a gentle heart towards the little details which comforted the campers.
PA PA0328 Jeff R. Traveled to the Ukraine numerous times transporting food, clothing and medical supplies to Zaporozhye.
PA PA3031 Chloe F. Kind to friends when they are sad and tries to cheer them up.
PA PA3031 Carolyn S. Made brownies to share during a meeting.
PA PA3031 Ellie D. Sharing with others and is kind to everyone.
PA PA3031 Grace B. Made cupcakes to share during Sunday school.
PA PA3031 Abby S. Kind and helpful to friends.  Tries to make friends feel better when they are sad.
PA PA3031 Elenie D. Replaced broken item with a new one.
PA PA3031 Mary Grace P. Giving her sister a hug to make her feel better.
PA PA3031 Savannah S. Used kind manners during an AHG meeting.
PA PA3031 Bruce S. Helped a man carry a heavy object out of his car.
PA PA3031 Jonah T. Always kind to people.
PA PA3031 Seth M. Helping teach softball with patience and kindness.
PA PA3031 Cale B. Playing nicely with his sister.
PA PA3031 Graciela Played nicely with a friend.
SC PA0328 Dr. George G. Started Water Mission.  Has served over 5M people in 56 countries with lasting safe water solutions.
TN HI0001 St. Jude Children's Research Kindness recognized.
TN TN0516 Winter Lockin16 Kindness recognized (28 acts).
TN TN5624 Kristi The way you treat me.
TN TN5624 Bella Friendship.
TN TN5624  Julia Kindness with our badge work.
TN TN5624 Becky Training in CPR.
TN TN5624 Angie & the TLC Everything they do for LIFE and the community.
TN TN5624 WCQR Being awesome in our community.
TN TN5624 Rhonda Work with Foster Care.
TN TN5624 Grammy Loving me.
TN TN5624 Emily Friendship.
TN PA0328 Nancy A. Started Mercy Multiplied. Providing free counseling for women.
TN TX0191 Dolly Parton She gives millions of books away to children on the birthday from rural TN & WV.
TX TX0131 Nurses at Baylor Hospital Helping all the babies and mommies that are sick - working all day and night to take care of others.
TX TX0131 Firefighters of McKinney Helping save people from burning buildings, even if they may get hurt themselves. 
TX MO6506 Judy B. Grandma (Amaw) visits Mrs. Syrenik almost weekly - reading the Gospel and then gives her the Body of Jesus.
TX MO6506 Sherry D. Being a charge nurse for numerous years and now giving out IV treatments to patients with various illnesses. 
TX PA0328 Don S. Each year he helps send hospital ships filled with volunteers and medical professionals to provide surgeries to kids and adults.
TX TX0191 Beverly A. She makes food for people.  
TX TX0191 Kaedyn She helped me find something lost that was very special to me from my aunt.
TX TX0191 Granny Tricia Makes quilts for friends and people through church:  for babies, someone sick, soldiers, etc.
TX TX0191 Sarah M. She cleans, makes me food and loves me so much.
TX TX0191 Tiffany & Dixon Cook for my family and bring me to the playground.
TX TX0191 Betey P. Makes meals for people when they have a baby or a funeral.
TX TX0191 Aunt Ivy & Uncle Patrick Took me to Six Flaggs and gave me gifts.
TX TX0191 Doslyn H. She is my best friend and is always kind and there for me.
TX TX0191 Madison She invited me to Youth Grp and the Troop.  Helped me get closer to God.
TX TX0191 MaryAnn B She works at Daily Bread helping the homeless.
TX TX0191 Lady Bird Johnson (TX & DC) She planted flowers by the road. "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."
TX TX0191 Mrs. Salee She is our small group leader and shows interest in each member.
VA CO2517 Lisa Sent money for golden birthday.
VA CO2517 Jacob M. He is a Marine and serves his country.
WA WA1900 Rebecca M. Being a kind and friendly Sunday School teacher - always very sweet, making her students feel right at home.
WA WA1900 Kaden S. Being a great brother - always sharing his Legos and 3DS with me and always making me smile when I get hurt.
WA WA1900 Marie M. Welcoming everyone in her home as a daycare provider and great teacher - always fun with a smile on her face.
WA WA1900 Joselyn M. Welcoming Eliana into her new troop by being her friend.
WA WA1900 Juniper G. Being nice and sharing with everyone always - making me smile and laugh and being a good friend.
WA WA1900 Mark T. My dad always plays with me and makes me smile. He works hard for our family. He is kind, and loves me.
WA WA1900 Bill M. Spending time with his grand-daughter - taking her places (school, library, park) and teaching her how to play tennis.
WA WA1900 Sally C. My grandmother is very kind. She always has kind words to say to me and others. She makes me smile - I love her.
WA WA1900 Abby G. Being a very kind friend - kind and fun and good at including other girls who do not have friends.
WA WA1900 Grandma Luann My grandma’s way of showing love is gift giving and playing games with me. She makes me feel special and loved.
WA WA1900 Sattler Family Accepting me when I joined AHG and making me feel loved - always using uplifting words when I am around them.
WA WA1900 Elianna R. Being one of my first AHG friends this year - taking me under her wing and making me feel welcomed.
WA WA1900 Sophie C. Welcoming me at my first AHG meeting and befriending me instantly - making me feel so comfortable.
WA WA1900 Shauna E. My mom listens when I need to talk, lets me cry on her shoulder - leaving my snot on it, loving me not matter what.
WA WA1900 Audrey P. Always making me feel so welcome - a kind friend making me laugh and always saying kind words.
WA PA0328 Chris & Deb C. Formed sponsorship program, Children of the Nations, to minister to children around the world.
WI CO2517 Kim L. She helps people by being a doctor.
WV PA0328 Diana W. Started Community Combined Ministry feeding thousands of hungry kids.