Wonder & Wander 2023!

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Frieda B. and The Story Barn invites you and the children you love to join us for our fourth year of Wonder & Wander! Each Wednesday, Frieda B. Author Renata Bowers will set the theme with a reading of the day's story. We'll provide you with an assortment of book-themed activities and a craft... and you can explore at your own pace, in your own unique way. You'll come to the barn, receive all supplies and guidance, and be given a space on our expansive front acreage to serve as your home base. Then you'll have 2.5 hours to use as you like (come and leave when you like), to explore, observe, play, create.  Dress appropriately and get ready to be awed in the great outdoors!Good to Know:

*Adults are free! Register and pay only for the children participating ($20 per child). We've carefully selected events and activities to inspire the wonder in any child, so all ages 3+ are welcomed to participate. Children under 3 are welcomed to come with you for free, with at least one registered child.

*One or two days prior to the event, you will receive an email from us with all pertinent details for that particular event.

*Upon arrival the day of your event, we will provide you with a dedicated outdoor space on our property with two chairs and room to spread a blanket. You will receive a basket with everything you need to explore and create the day's nature/craft activities. Renata and Paula and Story Barn volunteers will be available to help with any questions, guidance, suggestions, etc.  

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"Time spent in wonder feeds and inspires the story within us."

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