You are Free to Share Some Sunshine this Eastertime: 

Zilla has donned his bunny ears to help you share love and friendship with others! It's free: Click the image above, print as many copies as you'd like, then color/draw/add a note and your name, and share with people young and old who'd love some sunshine.
* Slip a Zilla-bunny in the mailbox of a neighbor
* Mail a Zilla-bunny to someone you love
* Make a Zilla-bunny for your family and place it on the refrigerator
* Take a picture of your Zilla-bunny and ask an adult you live with to share it via email, text or social media with those you love 
* Make several Zilla-bunnies and, with an adult you live with, deliver them:
... to the reception desk at a local senior living center, to share with the people who live there
... to your local police or fire department
... to your local grocery store
If you'd like us to share your artwork/sunshine story with our Frieda B. family, email us at info@FriedaB.com or post at www.Facebook.com/FriedaBHerself.  We'd love to see the ways you're brightening others' days! #FreeToShareSomeSunshine