Frieda B.U. Booklet Activity for 10
Frieda B.U. Booklet Activity for 10
Frieda B.U. Booklet Activity for 10
Frieda B.

Frieda B.U. Booklet Activity for 10

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Renata was inspired to create this little booklet years ago for the students she worked with during author visits. She believed that if each child could have his or her very own "book" it might be easier to help that child believe/remember she has her own one-of-a-kind story, just like Frieda B.

Now bundled in packs of 10 and ready to ship, Frieda B. U. Booklets are perfect for birthday parties, Troop meetings, classroom activities, or anywhere a bunch of kids are gathered. The cover begs the question of each child: "What's Your Story?" Inside, a letter from Renata encourages the child to Dream Big and Believe in the stuff he's uniquely good at and cares about, in order to set his story free. A story that's meant to make the world a better place.

A fill-in-the-blank "About Me" section sparks a child's imagination, and helps her grasp a greater understanding of her unique combination of gifts and interests. On the back is a prompt: "A Big Dream I Have Is...", to help a child begin to draw a connection between his dreams and his story.

Frieda B. U. Booklets come in black and white (to put all those crayons to good use!), and come in both a General and a Christian version. The Christian version uses Bible verses to support the concepts of having a unique story, dreaming big and believing in that story, and using your story to make the world a brighter place.

APPROPRIATE AGES. Ummm.... We'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy filling out these little booklets ourselves, so really, they're ageless. Try them at your next dinner party! wink, wink

"Like you and like me, Frieda B.'s free to be anyone, anywhere that she dreams she can be." - Frieda B. Herself

*Please note this material is copyrighted. Without written permission from Frieda B., LLC, photocopying is prohibited by law.

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